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Last Steps Towards Forma 3.0

Here we are: after a few months of silence we are back to update you on the progress of work on Forma 3 which, in the meantime, has never stopped.


During this difficult time, the interest in e-learning has increased exponentially and many companies have joined our community: the Forma family boasts now more than 50 members, including companies and freelancers. We had, therefore, to slow down a bit in order to welcome and support our new friends, but we didn't stop and we continued the development of the new version as well.


Many Completed Processes


In recent months we have completed all the most important works to improve the core of the platform:

  • Complete compatibility with PHP 7.4 has been implemented in a way that makes it possible to make the most of all the advantageous assets present in the new versions of the programming language;
  • A new event system has been completed, which will allow us to extend Forma in an increasingly simple and efficient way;
  • All third party software libraries have been updated and reorganized for better maintainability of the entire system.

There have been very important advancements on the functionalities as well:

  • Work on the new Dashboard functionality has been completed;
  • Language management refactoring has been completed: we have introduced some useful improvements such as the ability to directly upload new languages from the server, partial language exports, and better management of platform upgrades;
  • A Refactoring of the functions for the generation of Aggregate Certificates (or "Meta Certificates) has been performed.

And then, as always, many other minor fixes and improvements on several aspects of the platform, including APIs, connectors, and more.


The Last Mile


In the last few weeks we have finally been able to start working on the last important new feature planned for version 3: the refactoring of the learning objects' management module.


This development, which opens the door to the renewal of many other Forma components, was also possible thanks to the contribution of many who participated in our first crowdfunding campaign, and thanks to FormaFarm sponsorship, which is going to cover the missing budget.


As you well know, this is a fundamental module constituting the heart of each course. To date, we have almost completed the backend work and we are starting to rewrite the frontend, that is all the interaction parts on the user's and teacher's side, with the functions to organize and manage the courses' teaching materials.


Ready To Test? 


Very soon we will be contacting the contributors who, in recent months, have applied to test the new version, sending everyone directions to access and try the new release.


Stay Tuned!







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