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Managing Safety Courses and Deadlines with Forma LMS

How can you manage safety training courses with an elearning platform? Does Forma.lms manage the need for a minimum amount of time spent in the course? Is there a reminder of the deadlines for the compulsory training? Of course yes! Let's find out how!

 This feature, developed in the past for one of our customers, is natively available in Forma 2 and will be, of course, included in Forma 3. By setting the minimum time necessary (in this case 216 minutes out of 240, i.e. 90% of 4 hours) you can assign the certificate only to users who have stayed in the course at least the time required by law.

It is possible to set the minimum time in one single course: in this way you will be able to manage courses of 4 hours, 6 hours, 16 hours and so on.

Of course, if you plan the length of your courses so that they already have a minimum duration, you will be even more certain that everything works. Our customers and partners have approached this issue in different ways: some of them have designed courses that last - in the example of general training - 4 hours (with the result that the actual use is often much higher than the minimum requirement); others have designed courses that last 3 hours or 3 hours and something. In that case, conditional certificates are indispensable.


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Safety, fire prevention, 231, HACCP: compulsory training has deadlines. If you have many collaborators or you are a consultancy company with many clients, you will have to manage them: it is a very lengthy job, carrying with it many risks of human errors or forgetfulness. Automating all of this is definitely better, isn't it? Add Retraining to your platform!


What Is It for?

Its main opportunities for use are safety training and, in general, training on skills that have a deadline.

In these cases, the Human Resources function normally has to create a new edition of a course, manually enroll users and notify them. If their users have “skills” or certifications that expire on a specific date - and they could be different for each person - it can be very time-consuming for HR to monitor everything.


What Does It Do?

Retraining customization enhances the standard platform with a series of features designed to periodically propose new versions of the same course to users.

Retraining solves and automates all of this, freeing management from much of the manual work, and adding several important reporting capabilities for administrators and user notifications.
And you? How do you manage these aspects?


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