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Webinar with forma: integrating Zoom and Adobe Connect

In an increasingly digital world, the success of an LMS (Learning Management System) no longer depends only on the quality of the educational content and training tools it includes, but also on the ability to offer an open, integrated and inclusive learning environment (learning ecosystem).

Among the various integrations that an LMS must ensure, one of the most important is that with videoconferencing software.

Integrating a video conferencing software into your LMS allows you to create online events, webinars and courses in synchronous mode, making training more engaging and richer from the point of view of the learning experience. Thanks to this integration there are several advantages that can be obtained for learners and for those who manage training. In particular, it is possible:

  • Access events directly from the LMS platform without installing any external software, offering your users a better user experience
  • Combine classroom sessions with online training sessions (blended training)
  • Take advantage of all the analysis tools included in the LMS, including for synchronous training: statistics, attendance monitoring, etc.
  • Integrate automatic notification systems
  • Manage the entire training process: from registering users to issuing the final certificate
  • Have a single archive of documents for all online, classroom and blended training: certificates, minutes, evaluation tests, satisfaction questionnaires, etc.


Grifo multimedia has developed a set of additional functions that allows integration between the Forma LMS e-learning platform and the Zoom & Adobe Connect videoconferencing environments. Using videoconferencing software to provide remote training, virtual classroom sessions can be programmed and activated through a single platform, thus increasing management effectiveness and improving the service offered.

In this way, remote training sessions can be delivered and managed in a very simple way in synchronous mode within blended training courses.


  • SINGLE SIGN-ON: Access to videoconferencing environments directly from Forma LMS with a single log-in.
  • EVENT REMINDER: Define a customizable reminder to be sent to users at set time intervals.
  • MULTIHOST: through the management of multiple licenses it is possible to create multiple simultaneous events
  • EVENT MANAGER: Use the Forma LMS “Calendar” to view the scheduled Virtual Classroom sessions.
  • RECORDINGS: View the recordings of virtual classrooms turning them into teaching material.
  • REPORTING: Track user activities in Virtual Classroom sessions and consult reports on these activities.


  1. CREATING A WEBINAR WITH A SINGLE CLICK: Thanks to the integration of videoconferencing software with Forma LMS, you can schedule a webinar using a single platform. Once you have entered the details of the event on the platform, they will be automatically saved to your Adobe Connect or Zoom account.
  2. SIMPLIFIES USER REGISTRATION: The integration of video conferencing software with LMS form allows you to pass the laborious manual registration phase of users for the webinar. You can use the registry inside the LMS to create student classes on zoom or adobe connect.
  3. EASY NOTIFICATIONS AND MAIL SENDING: The integration between the two tools allows the automatic sending of notification e-mails before the event with details of the various steps required to access the zoom or adobe connect platform. You will instantly find out how many people will come to your meeting - the LMS shows who has registered and who will not be able to attend.
  4. SAVE AND MAKE ACCESSIBLE RECORDINGS: Record your events on Zoom or adobe connect; you will find them available directly on your LMS as teaching material! This can be helpful for new hires to understand a certain topic, product, or service from your company.

  5. STATISTICS AND REPORTS. At the end of the meeting, the Forma LMS e-learning platform will show you how many people attended and for how long. All participation information is stored in the event report. If necessary, you can download and save it in excel format.


FORMA LMS & VIDEO CONFERENCE ENVIRONMENTS, together improve the online learning experience

The Zoom or Adobe Connect video conferencing sessions, integrated into a blended learning path that includes different training delivery channels and methods, help make learning processes more engaging, interactive and rich in learning experiences.


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