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Power is Nothing without Control: Managing a DA with Forma LMS

Training management involves very different roles that are not only linked to didactics but also to the organizational and commercial dynamics that underlie, for example, the sale and distribution of courses, and which can significanty vary between different sectors.

How can this complexity be addressed?

Forma offers a very “fluid” management of user and administration levels. This allows the DA organizational needs to be met. We mainly act on two aspects, which, when correctly configured, have so far allowed us to resolve all the requests we have received: the “administrator” user levels, and the "subscription" role in courses.



In corporate DAs it is necessary to be able to delegate tasks and visibility to collaborators and management teams, or to department managers, or to representatives of different companies, clearly separating:

  • Operational skills, i.e. what each administrator can do in the system. Typically, for example, those in charge of the helpdesk will have to access user management, certificates and courses, but not technical configurations and automation functions. A department manager may only need to view reports or take care of enrollments as well;
  • Visibility permissions, which means deciding on which users and courses to apply each administrator's functional ownerships. Administrators can be assigned specific organization chart nodes, so that they can see in the reports or enroll in courses only the users they are enabled to see. Or they can be given permission to operate on and view data about specific courses or catalogs.


Courses Subscription Roles

There is also a lot of flexibility in registering users for courses: the form provides for up to 7 roles, or levels of registration, from "guest" to "course administrator." Each role is enabled to view different functions and receives different permission levels. A student, for instance, can only participate in forums, while a tutor or teacher can also moderate discussions, but only a course administrator can create new forums.
Furthermore, an advanced menu management allows diversified functionality and permissions for each course, based on the activities planned for that specific training project.

Naturally, these features also perfectly fit with administration levels: in courses, an administrator will only see the users that he is enabled to see, but on specific courses he can be granted other permissions.


How do you Create a Digital Academy?

Forma LMS can really do a lot to help you create your Corporate Digital Academy. This is a path full of challenges that touches various and often distant areas, skills, markets: technology, organization, marketing, content, methodologies ...

We have prepared a map to guide you throughout these aspects: after many years of experience and many DA created together with our customers, here is a small free ebook, a "practical guide by goals" that summarizes and synthetically organizes all the important things you need to know and do in order to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.


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