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One Platform, Many Companies

In many Digital Academy projects, it has been necessary to use a single installation for different companies or customers and, therefore, to diversify users' experience in various regards: Forma LMS has, natively, several features that have proved to be fundamental to face this type of reality.

This happens in the academies of companies structured with different brands and branches, or that want to centrally manage both the training of employees and that of their sales network. It also happens for elearning courses and services providers who need to diversify graphics and configurations according to different customers. Forma has some native features that always come in handy in such cases:


1. Multi Template

Forma gives you the possibility to manage, on the same installation, different graphics and URLs for companies belonging to the same group, or for different customers. If you have different companies or customers, everyone will see their own brand and colors, as if they were on a dedicated platform.

2. Multiple Catalogs

You can have diversified catalogs according to different types of users or customers. For example, you might show a catalog with new product courses to agents and a different one to employees who need to take compliance courses instead. This solution allows to diversify your training offer and to show each catolog to its appropriate audience.


In addition to these, we have other important features, such as Advanced registration (allowing users to request personal information per organizational chart node, and to independently choose groups and nodes to enter) and the Privacy Policy: with the advent of the GDPR, the possibility of diversifying privacy policies for different companies has also become vital.

These features integrate and complete the user organization and administration logic that we have already seen in previous articles:


  • The possibility to easily divide the users of each company / customer by organization chart nodes and also creating different subgroup structures for each organization
  • The ability to create sub-administrators who can only view and manage the company or theccustomers that have been assigned to him

How do you Create a Digital Academy?

Forma LMS can really do a lot to help you create your Corporate Digital Academy: it is a path full of challenges that touches various and often distant areas, skills, markets: technology, organization, marketing, content, methodologies ...

We have prepared a map to guide you through all these aspects: after many years of experience and many DA created together with our customers, here is a small free ebook, a "practical guide by goals" that summarizes and synthetically organizes all the important things you need to know and do in order to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.

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